Exploring Backwater Houseboat In Kerala

backwater houseboat in Kerala

Kerala, contains lush green landscapes, dancing rivers, and serene backwaters. A backwater houseboat in Kerala is a unique experience at the heart of this charming state. Going through the complex water ways aboard an ancient houseboat is a unique and charming way.

Through https://www.keralapackage.org/kerala-honeymoon-packages-pune you can explore the hidden gems of Kerala. In this guide, we will delve further into the best planning tips. That will further ensure an immense and enjoyable backwater houseboat experience in God’s Own Country.

1: Choosing the Perfect Destination

Kerala boasts many backwater regions, each with its own charm and allure. Alappuzha, is often known as the Venice of the East. It is firstly famous for its bustling houseboat activity and scenic canals. Kumarakom, nestled around the Vembanad Lake, offers a more unique and tranquil experience.

Kollam, with its serene lakes and ancient charm, is also a perfect choice. All these regions offer a great trip of backwater houseboat in Kerala to explore. Research and find the unique aspects of each region. After that, select the one that goes with your choices.

2: Selecting the Right Houseboat

Houseboats in Kerala come in various sizes, styles, and levels of luxury. The key is to find one that further aligns with your choices and budget. You can select from ancient Kettuvallams to lavish floating villas.

In other words, there’s an option for each of the taste. Consider the amenities given, for example AC, well furnished interiors, and a learned crew. Reviews and advises from fellow tourists can provide valuable insights. That further helps you to know about the quality of the houseboat tour.

3: Planning the Duration of Your Journey

The duration of your backwater houseboat tour is a crucial aspect of your planning. Day trips are perfect for those having less time. It firstly offers a glimpse into the backwater lifestyle. If you have extra time, opt for an overnight stay.

This further allows you to witness the stunning sunrise and sunset over the backwaters. It meanwhile enhance the overall experience. Longer journeys spanning multiple days offer a more profound exploration of the region. Above all, it offers a chance to absorb the local culture at an easy pace.

4: Consideration of Weather Conditions

Kerala experiences a tropical climate, characterized by distinct monsoon and dry seasons. The monsoon, from June to September, brings heavy rains. That further makes it less favorable for a houseboat journey. The ideal time to visit is during the winter months, from October to March.

At that time, the weather remains is mild and pleasant. However, it is essential to be mindful of the specific climate of the region. After that, you should plan to visit, as weather can vary. Checking weather reports before your trip make sure a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

5: Booking in Advance

Backwater houseboat enjoys are highly sought after, mainly during peak tourist seasons. Firstly, secure the houseboat of your choice and the dates that fit your schedule. It is better to book in advance.

Various online platforms and travel partners offer booking services. They further make the process easy and efficient. Booking ahead ensure that it is available. Above all, it allows you to plan the rest of your trip with trust.

6: Exploring Local Cuisine and Culture

A backwater houseboat journey in Kerala is not just about the scenic beauty. It is also an option to savor the local cuisine and immerse yourself in the culture. Most houseboats offer local Kerala meals made on board.

Indulge in dishes for example Karimeen Pollichathu (pearl spot fish) and Kerala Sadya (a traditional feast). Take time to talk with the friendly locals along the way. Through that, you will meanwhile gain insights into their customs and way of life.


Planning a backwater houseboat trip in Kerala needs careful planning of various factors. That further ensure a seamless and pleasant experience. Choose the right place and houseboat, plan the duration, consider weather reports, and book in advance.

In other words, each step helps to enhance the overall success of your trip. As you embark on this charming journey, be ready to witness the beauty of Kerala’s backwaters. Let the gentle ripples of the water carry you into a world of peace and wonder.