How to Say Who Viewed Your Facebook Story?

who viewed your facebook story

Today, with the increasing number of users on social media, people are fascinated with posting their day-to-day events on their stories regardless of the fact which platform they are opting for. Posting the stories of their lives has become trendy these days. Almost every social media app whether Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram has implemented the “Stories” feature which enables users to create and post their stories. You can share your memorable moments with your loved ones on your Stories without typing the text and your friends and followers can view them by just clicking on them. One thing you should be clear that the stories you post on any of the social media apps will vanish after 24 hours.

After posting your stories, you must desire to know who viewed your Facebook story or who is keeping specs on you. You might be wondering whether it is possible to see who has viewed my story. 

Fortunately, you can do so by performing some easy tasks.

We are here with this comprehensive guide that will let you know the ways to say who viewed your FB story.

What Does Facebook Story Mean and How It Works

On posting your Facebook stories, it will become visible at the top of your Facebook news feed. It is pretty different from your posts that your friends can like or comment on. It does not let you like comment or share publicly. You have the option to post your story either from your messenger app or from the Facebook website. If your friend has posted their story, it will appear on your news feed in the “Stories” section. It appears on the rectangular box at the top left corner of your screen and the unviewed stories will be denoted as a blue ring circle.

How to View Who Has Viewed My Facebook Story

Here is how to say who viewed your FB story.

  • Launch your Facebook app on your phone.
  • Pick your uploaded stories at the top.
  • You will find the number of viewers in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on it.
  • Here you will find a list of friends and families who viewed your Facebook story, displaying the recent viewers at the top and so on.


That’s how you can say who has viewed your story.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not reveal when the person has viewed your story just like WhatsApp, which tells the exact time and date of the story viewing of the person.

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