How to Manage Business With a Field Employee Tracking App – Explained

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A field employee tracking app automates business operations. It improves overall workforce efficiency and increases revenue in the long-run. With the real-time employee tracking feature, managers can monitor task performance and location in real-time.

Technology indeed has the power to automate your business operations and improve workforce efficiency. It was challenging to monitor field sales executives and evaluate their performance in the old-school days. Nonetheless, technology-driven field employee tracking app have now overcome this challenge. With this real-time employee tracking app, managers can monitor the precise whereabouts, task status, and performance of their field agents. Keep reading to dive into more details!  

What is the Field Employee Tracking App?

The field employee tracking app is a digital solution that empowers companies to monitor their field executives. The real-time employee tracking feature of the app enhances the coordination between managers and their field agents. Furthermore, the managers can assess the daily tasks of their employees and get crucial updates regarding client meetings.

The field employee management app improves overall work efficiency, team transparency, and employee engagement. Managers can know the exact location and transit routes of field employees. The location-tracking feature of the app  enables team leaders to identify challenges and assign future tasks to the most suitable field executives.

Simply put, the field employee monitoring app enables businesses to increase revenue and minimise costs in the long-run.

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How Does the Field Employee Tracking App Help Your Business? 

Field sales are a crucial revenue-generating task for companies. Many trained executives visit the client’s location to meet them, represent your brand and close the deal. Nonetheless, obstacles like poor visibility, remote locations, and ineffective communication more frequently confront sales managers and team leaders. Here’s when the field employee tracking app becomes a pillar for seamless workforce efficiency. Now let us discover how!

  •  Effective Workload Management

A manager can make better decisions when he has real-time access to information about an employee’s current location and work in hand. For instance, if your client schedules an urgent meeting for the same day. With the real-time employee tracking feature, managers can discover all the field agents that are near the client’s location. He will assign the project  after considering the present task status and monitoring the performance of each executive in real-time. As a result, he can handle the situation promptly and ensure customer satisfaction. 

  • Fair and Appropriate Reimbursement

The field employee monitoring app ensures transparent expense claims and reimbursement processes. Manually tracking employee expenses might result in over or under-payments. However, such apps help businesses overcome this challenge. Simply put, employees can upload the bills to their portal and claim their expenses. The employee expense management feature of the software will identify any duplicate entries and flag them. 

  • Enhanced Employee Productivity

It is undeniable that employees work more efficiently and pay closer attention to their tasks when they know their managers are monitoring everything they do. With a field employee tracking app, managers can keep track of the whereabouts of hundreds of workers at once. Furthermore, it improves time efficiency as the workers do not have to spend time telling managers what they are doing on a minute-by-minute basis. 

  • Transparent Employee Reviews

Feedback is part and parcel of employee motivation. It is simpler for managers to give feedback when they have access to complete real-time employee information, including leaves, completed tasks, pending projects, and more. This will not only elevate business efficiency but also improve employee productivity. Thus, it is crucial to invest in field force management software to provide the right feedback to the employees. 

  • Less Errors, Greater Accuracy

Whether it is the matter of maintaining employee expenses or attendance, field employee monitoring software will automate complete workforce operations. And the greatest advantage of this technology is that it will minimise manual errors and provide accurate reports to the managers.

  • Accurate Real-Time Location Checking

A GPS tracking feature of the app enables employers to cross-check employee locations and assure that the work is properly documented. This is one of the most intriguing features of the field employee tracking software, as it improves the accuracy and accountability of the workforce. Managers can make appropriate decisions by using the real-time employee tracking records.

  • End-to-End Attendance Management

A streamlined leave management process is a crucial aspect of maintaining a quality workforce. Employers must know when their team members are not available. With the attendance management feature of field employee tracking software, you can ask your field agents to mark their attendance with just one tap on the phone. 

How to Choose the Best Field Employee Tracking App for Your Business?  

When it comes to choosing the best field employee tracking app for your business, you must consider the following factors: 

  • Real-Time Employee Tracking

First and foremost, compare different field employee monitoring software on the basis of their real-time employee tracking features. Time is money in today’s fast-paced world. Using the real-time monitoring support, the managers can know the exact location of their field agents. This supervision not only motivates employees to work efficiently but also enables managers to review their performance. 

  • Geo-Fencing Feature

This feature enables employees to mark their attendance during their shift time from other locations. If the field agents are not within the geofencing perimeter of any of the locations added to the application, they will be unable to clock in. So, you must check that the field employee tracking app that you choose includes a geo-fencing feature. 

  • Customisation Options 

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing the best field tracking system is its integration capability. Nowadays, from attendance management to payroll, the entire workforce operations are automated in companies. Therefore, invest in software like TrackoField, which can be customised as per your business needs. 

  • Easy-To-Use Dashboard

The purpose of using field employee tracking software is to ensure seamless workforce management. However, complex dashboards might hinder workforce efficiency. Therefore, the dashboard of the software must be user-friendly, intuitive and flexible. One must not spend hours figuring out the features and workings of the application. 

  • Provides Data-Driven Insights

The field employee monitoring app generates data-driven reports for employees with just one tap. This helps managers monitor the performance of their team members. Furthermore, software features like real-time employee tracking, leave management, task management software, automated expense management, and others can improve the coordination between employers and field agents. 


In conclusion, investment in a field employee tracking app elevates work efficiency, ensures transparent operations and increases revenue. Businesses can streamline their entire workforce operations using features like real-time tracking, attendance management, order management, task monitoring software, and expense management systems. When choosing employee monitoring software, consider factors like customisation, a user-friendly interface, and seamless integration into your business workflow.
TrackoField is the perfect solution to end your search for the best field employee management software. We understand your business needs and automate your workflow management with ease. Schedule a demo now!

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