Best Apps to Manage Your Finances and Investments

In the current digital age, there is an application for almost every little thing you need to get done. Tracking your investments and making things manageable and profitable is one of the things Google and iOS applications for your phones and other devices that can make your life easy and manageable. If you are someone who loves to watch the stock market and business news you can ask a Xfinity customer service representative if they offer business channels for Xfinity Internet packages as well. Let’s have a look at the different apps that can help your investment turn into a profitable business:

Yahoo! Finance

You might have thought about Yahoo as a search engine only. Yahoo! has one of the best working finance applications which is available for iOS and Android and is absolutely free for use. You can also get access to the business and investment news, stories, commentaries and investment information on the go. The app also helps you to get personalized information so that you can keep a track of some specific investments that you own. Also, you can add up stocks to a watch list and get real-time quotes and news about your investment. The app gets you information on currencies, commodities, bonds, futures and world indices and tracks the performance of your holdings using an interactive chart.

Personal Capital

This is one of the most popular apps for people who want to keep an eye on their investments. Having a user-base of around 2 million registered users and around $500 billion assets that are reviewed by investors makes Personal Capital a great tool that you might need. The app has an asset management system that offers a few free tools and investment services. Even if you are using the free version of the app, you can use the 401 (k) Free Analyzer that analyzes your 401 (k) plans and determines the level of fees you are paying. The fee analyzer can point out less expensive investments, also can evaluate your investment standing, rebalance suggestions and determine your portfolio’s risk level and do a lot more.

Retirement Calculator

The tool is an amazing way to calculate your expected monthly retirement income. This includes your projected Social Security income as well. If you feel like having doubts about your financial status, you can always have the option of using the premium investment management service offered by the app.


This is one of the most comprehensive apps available that can help you set up an online portfolio and get you access to ratings on stocks and funds. One of the features called the “Portfolio X-Ray shows what are your actual holdings. If you are a subscriber of the app, you get access to different support services as well including The Fund Investor Online or The Morningstar Guide to Mutual Investing and a lot of different services

SigFig Portfolio Tracker

This is a Robo-advisor platform that performs automated portfolio construction and management functions along with Portfolio Tracker that is free to use. It provides your weekly email summaries of your investments and their performance. It also gets you a breakdown of the top movers of the week, the latest updates on the portfolio, and graphical portfolio management. It has around 750,000 investors and a record of around $300 billion investments. The app doesn’t manage your portfolio and suggests different aspects of your investments. One of the good things about this app is that you can view your investments using a single app. Once you subscribe to the Portfolio Tracker you can get access to services like Investment Sync, Real-time market tracking, external analysis and phone and live chat support.

This is one of the famous budgeting software known for its user-friendly use and is one of the free to use apps. One can also manage and track their investments where you can simply enter your accounts in the app, including your 401(k) plan, IRA, mutual funds and taxable brokerage accounts and measure the performance of all accounts against different market benchmarks that lets you know your financial standing. is also a useful app if you want to determine the fees from your different accounts and how they can affect your long-term investment growth. Apart from that, you can add budgeting, bill payments, account alerts and get a free credit score when you are using the app.

Key Takeaways

Managing your investment can be a tricky business for some people but when you add up a little effort and the right app to get things done for you, it becomes one easier thing to do. I would recommend that you should use any of these popular investment management apps so that you can handle your investments yourself. Also, many of these apps have graphical representation of all the business trends which makes things easy for you to analyze and make investing decisions.

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