When Should You Consider Choosing Flutter App Development

Flutter app development

Since its inception in May 2017, Flutter app development is gaining immense popularity amongst businesses and developers who want to build cross-platform applications. Flutter app development company Now, you may be wondering – Is Flutter a good option for app development? If yes, then keep reading on to know when you should opt for . 

Flutter Mobile App Development Is a Good Option 

  • When You Want to Quickly Launch Your App 

If you’re a startup and looking to launch your app in a shorter period, you should consider choosing Flutter for your mobile app development. Faster app development is crucial to your app’s success. Therefore, you must launch on time so that you don’t miss out on the purpose of its launch. 

On the other hand, if you’re an enterprise and you’re already very successful, you can still opt for Flutter mobile app development. For instance, you may want to try new features for better business growth and success through various lines of services and products. Since competition waits for no one, a shorter development time can help you launch new features and ideas before your competitors do. 

  • When You Want to Deliver Native App-like Experience and Performance 

There are numerous cross-platform app development frameworks out there that claim to offer you a native app-like experience and performance. Being a modern technology supported by Google, Flutter overcomes all traditional app development challenges faced by other cross-platform frameworks. 

When it comes to accessing the native elements or features including navigation, scrolling, fonts, etc., Flutter creates views that make the application look more appealing and consistent across multiple platforms. 

Flutter is familiar with all the platform differences and thus, helps developers to build amazing native apps using custom widgets. 

  • When You Want to Save the Cost of Developing Two Native Apps 

One cannot deny the fact that native app development provides incredible user experience and performance. However, the cost of building native mobile apps is very high, for which boosting ROI was becoming a challenge for businesses. 

Hence, businesses started opting for cross-platform app development services. But unfortunately, cross-platform applications could not deliver user experience and performance even similar to that offered by native apps.  

That’s when Flutter mobile app development came to the rescue. 

Flutter offers plenty of beneficial features like a single codebase, Material Design, Hot Reload, etc. that reduce the development time to build two different mobile apps. The platforms allow developers to quickly make changes such as feature upgrades, bug fixing, and more to the build and then review the changes on the emulators. Thus, the overall time to build a mobile app is reduced significantly. 

A Flutter app development company can help you create two mobile apps at the cost of only one. 

  • When You Want Your App’s UI to Be Consistent Across iOS and Android Platforms 

Developers can use Flutter Widgets to create powerful user interfaces for mobile applications. Unlike other cross-platform app development frameworks, Flutter offers a unified object model known as a widget. Using Widgets, you can easily define everything from the structural and aesthetic elements to the page layout aspects. 

Flutter has widgets from Google’s Material Design and Apple’s Cupertino. When the Flutter widget rendering is done in the Skia engine, app developers no longer have to use the Original Equipment Manufacturer widgets. This helps in developing flawless and consistent app UI across both iOS and Android platforms. 

Therefore, if you want your app to have a consistent look and feel across multiple platforms, then Flutter mobile app development is an ideal choice. 

  • When You Want to Have Both Web and Desktop Interfaces 

Apart from building iOS and Android mobile apps, Flutter also facilitates the development of both web and desktop interfaces. 

Flutter for the web is a code-compatible version of the Flutter SDK that creates the web content rendered using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Flutter desktop enables developers to compile Flutter code to a native macOS, Windows, or Linux desktop application. 

Large-scale enterprises and organizations looking to build cross-platform applications can choose Flutter to create a seamless, appealing, and scalable user experience across all applications. 

Wrapping Up 

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, investing in a React Native app development company can help you get a cross-platform application with a native app-like user experience and performance. Besides, you can significantly reduce the time and cost of app development and gain a competitive edge. However, it completely depends on the developers you hire for your project.

Once you choose the right developer, you can sign the contract and then get started with the development.

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