A Guide to Google Business Page Setup

A Guide to Google Business Page Setup

When it comes to finding almost everything online, “Google” is the go-to option. Currently, the search engine owns 92.47% of the market share and the first-page search ranking on Google is highly significant for any industry.

Although several businesses are already involved in ensuring that they rank well through SEO techniques, there are other strategies as well, like creating an account with the Google Business Profile for you to market your website on Google.

It is not that difficult to develop a Google business page that can assist your company in achieving success.

This article will explain to you how to start a Google business page and then highlight some of the crucial advantages of this process.

Steps for setting up a Google business page

The process of setting up a Google business profile is easy. Soon enough, there will be a listing and it should not take much time to grab the attention of potential customers.

Below, we outline 8 easy steps for establishing a Google Business Profile.

1. Open Google Business Profile Manager

The only thing that all businesses with Google accounts need is Google Business Profile Manager and this means setting up your Google Business Profile page.

You only need to log in to your Google account, and open the page called Google Business Profile Manager if you previously created one. When you are logged in, Google will automatically open and there will be no need for any other information.

In case this is your first time, you’ll need to create and set up a Google account. Signing up for this page as a member is a matter of minutes.

2. Add your business to your account on Google Business Profile Manager

After opening the Google business profile manager, there will be an option of adding another business account. Go through your business and choose a title for it or click “add your business”, if the name of your organization does not appear automatically as drop-down options.

3. Proposal for Expanding a Running Business

Sometimes a Google Business Profile has already been created for the brand. If that is the case, you can just send a request to access the existing profile. Just press ‘request access’ and adhere to the instructions as displayed on the screen.

4. Add your Business Name or Choose a Category

You will need the business’s name if your business profile is new. Provide a simple version of your company’s preferred business name and exclude any irrelevant supplementary details.

After adding a business name, you select a business type.

In case, you are not sure of the right category at this point, it’s okay as you can easily modify it later when you find a category that matches your brand well.

Click “Next” to go to the next step in the process.

5. Choose Your Location

Google business page setup allows your customers to have details about where you are located.

First, at this stage of the setup process, your organization should respond to whether the customers can visit your premises. If yes, it will ask for your business address. As a result, it may request you to acknowledge the placement of a tag denoting your business location, on the map prepared by Google Maps. This step can be still followed in businesses that do not have a physical shop or HQs accessible to customers. You may also be required to give a list of places you serve in place of putting in your location.

6. Add Your Contact Information

The next step involves adding your contact information to all Google Business profiles and hence you will include it in Google Business.

Provide your business phone number and preferred email address. In case your business has no staffed phone lines then you may leave it blank. Here you can also include a website address.

For those who don’t have websites, tick-boxes are provided to indicate that they lack websites.

This information could also be updated upon the creation of a site itself.

7. Decide Whether or not to Obtain Information from Google

By this time, Google will prompt you to sign up so that it can provide you with information about various services or products as well as other additional details.

Though this is not necessary, it is good to keep updated about the recent gist from Google.

8. Verify Your New Business Listing

The last step is perhaps the most important. Google is now going to seek your authority concerning whether you have been accurate in providing the data.

Verification takes place in this regard. It is the only part of the setup process that will take some time.

If you do not physically operate, you could use the phone or email systems to verify your listing. Not all businesses can access such options, but if yours qualifies then you will see one or both of these.


Companies shall enjoy several benefits of free listings just by creating an account with Google Business Profile.

This enhances visibility on the search giant and shares information with other Google products, therefore ensuring that the company and its product are visible on Google Maps and Google shopping sites. Although setting up a Google Business Page is easy, you can always seek assistance from the Best SEO Company in India to guide you through the process.

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