Why should you study at Stanford University?

The education sector is more dynamic than before. Students have multiple options to choose from when it comes to higher education. The international community is open to students; they can choose a perfect institute to pursue their dreams. Of all the international colleges and institutes, Stanford stands among the top-ranked ones. Choosing this institute for your higher studies can offer you with multiple benefits. This post will explain why you should study at Stanford University. Keep walking with us to learn more! 

Reasons to choose Stanford University for study:

Stanford University is a well-known private research institute in California. Stanford will never disappoint you when it comes to the quality education. The advanced study programs, highly qualified staff members, and student resources have made this institute one of the best in the international community. Students must choose this university to explore and pursue their desired programs. Whether you seek undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs, the institute can offer all. The following list will uncover a few reasons why you should choose this institute for your higher studies. Let us jump into the list! 

1. Academics:

Of course, the first study point for every student would be academics. Does the university offer my desired program? It is the question of almost every student. Stanford University ranks among the top institutes regarding its academics and program offerings. The achievement-focused attitude of this university can allow students to excel in any chosen field. Whether you want admission to undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs, you can find every course. 

The affiliated schools and colleges of Stanford University offer multiple courses to local and internal students. Talking about the schools, Stanford University comprises seven schools. These are named here:

  • School of Engineering 
  • School of Energy, Environmental Sciences and Earth 
  • School of Medicines 
  • School of Law
  • School of Humanities and Sciences
  • School of Education 
  • Graduate School of Business 

2. Extracurricular activities:

Besides academics, Stanford also have big name in extracurricular activities. The institute has produced more Olympians (2829) than any other educational institute in the US. Isn’t it a remarkable achievement for this institute? Extracurricular activities can play a crucial role in a student’s life. It is not all about academics; extracurricular excellence is also necessary, and Stanford can provide opportunities and platforms. 

Stanford sports has achieved glory on multiple stages. Well-known athletes have won medals during different sports competitions in UK and worldwide. Combining academics with extracurricular activities can be a perfect experience for university students. Do you want to secure your spot at this institute? You better contact education consultants in Pakistan and let them help you with the application process! 

3. Research activities:

When searching for best research universities, Stanford is the best choice. It is one of the best research centres in the world, with a heritage of over 68 Nobel prizes. In the field of Computer Science, the faculty members of Stanford University have won the most Turing awards. It would be best to be a part of this institute to make a declaration in your field. 

The current faculty of Stanford University contains 19 Nobel laureates and 4 Pulitzer Prize winners. Besides this, the university also carries the legacy of producing 17 current astronauts and 74 billionaires. 

4. Thriving campus:

Stanford University is among the big has probably universities in the US. It serves more than 11000 students from the different parts of the world. Almost 60% of the student live in university hostel, enjoying a global and diversified life at the campus. Being part of this university will provide you the opportunity to interact with different ethnic groups and people to build diverse environment.

The campus has numerous playing fields, libraries, labs, and entertainment spots. Students can never get bored while on campus, thanks to the vibrant colors of trees and over 25 fountains. 

5. Financial aid:

Did you know that Stanford University offers need-blind admissions? It takes admissions without considering the financial status of a student to pay the fee. The need-based financial aid can help potential students achieve their dreams and contribute to the world. Nearly half of the undergraduate students benefit from the need-based financial aid at Stanford University. 

Stanford University offers economic aid in the form of different scholarships. However, these scholarships are need-based, and only needy students should apply. Do you want to be part of this amazing educational institute? Contact education consultants in Pakistan and start your application process today! 

Be a part of Stanford University! 

Your educational background can define your personality. The stronger the degree, the higher the employment chances. You can make a statement with your Stanford University degree. It would be best to contact education consultants and start your application process for this institute. You can find multiple reasons to be part of Stanford. Academics, extracurricular activities, and financial aid can attract your attention. 

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