Increase The Perceived Value Of Your Products Using Custom Flip Top Boxes

Every brand has one aim i.e. to increase the value of its product. Do you want to know how a brand can increase the perceived value of its products while remaining within the budget? The simplest way to enhance product value is the use of custom flip top boxes. 

Boxes have a huge impact on overall sales as according to recent studies almost 72 % of Americans select the product by the look of the packaging. You can create catchy boxes and grab customers’ attention. 

For flip top boxes to attract customers, their material must be of premium quality. Not only this but the printed designs and all the customization aspects of the packaging should be optimized to make your product worthy of customers’ investment. 

What Are Custom Flip Top Boxes?

Like all the other types of custom packaging, these boxes are also tailored to the requirements of a particular brand. But unlike most of the boxes, flip-top packaging does not have tucking lids. Here you just have a flip top box with magnetic closure that encloses the box opening. 

The boxes are manufactured with different types of packaging material considering the product requirement. The magnetic lid of the boxes makes them premium in appearance and gives protection to the products. 

Boxes And Product’s Perceived Value 

Customers tend to find attractive things and they are willing to pay a little extra bucks if they feel that the product is present attractively and uniquely. Using flip top boxes you can show the buyers that the product they are going to purchase is packed with care by a professional company and that the quality of the product is the best of all the other brands. Via the following means you can show customers that your product is worth spending money on. 

  1. Quality Of Material 

Flip-top packaging is manufactured with the best of the material that not only gives boxes an elegant and firm look but also the packed item’s marvelous protection. Flip top boxes wholesale providers give a variety of material choices making it easy for brands to select the best for themselves. 

Say some brands want organic-looking packaging that can portray the elegance of nature, such brands can go with kraft material. On the other hand, if a brand wants its boxes to be highly vibrant and jazzy then it can go with cardboard and corrugated materials. Via quality material, your products’ value will increase to a significant extent. 

Enticing Designs And Colors 

Colors and printed design give decorative flip top boxes that increase the product’s value. When a customer enters a store, he notices the product that is brightly designed and has some unique packaging features. So when your box comes to the buyers’ attention, he will certainly select it. 

There are several ways by which you can increase the box look and then the worth of your product. The best way is the use of printing and add-ons. Printings can change the overall look of the plain packaging and add-on will enhance the resulting look. Say using handle add-ons you can get a handle box that will make you beguiled. 

Quality Of The Overall Box 

The quality of overall boxes is the matter of main concern. You can never make your product the favorite of customers if the overall look of the boxes is not premium. To get such a box you can ask the manufacturer to use pre and post-printing coatings on the boxes. These coatings make the boxes luxurious. Particularly for flip top gift box the use of coatings and add-ons become inevitable making your gift shops the first choice of customers. 

Ability To Represent Brand 

Customers are highly brand-conscious. No matter how much the quality of your product and its packaging is peerless if the box does not tell the customers about the brand there are rare chances for your product to be chosen. So never ever forget to put the logo of your brand on the flip top box with magnetic closure to increase sales. 


The sustainability of the packaging material is another factor that helps the customers in choosing the particular ones that are highly conscious about the climate. Most packaging industries use paper-based material for flip-top packaging boxes that are highly sustainable and do not pose any risk to the climate. Among the various ways to enhance the importance of your product sustainability is at the top. 

Wrap Up 

From the quality of the product to the quality of the packaging everything matters to the customers. By using custom flip top boxes you can show the customers that your product is high in quality and belongs to the best and professional brand. Material, printing, add-ons, and overall look all are crucial to make your product worthy. 

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