Custom Triangle Boxes Perfect Fit For Your Products

Are you bored of using the same traditional packaging boxes? One gets bored, and one needs an extra yet creative sense of presentation to sound more effective in the competitive market. You may consider it or not, but recent studies have shown that 90% of the customer who buys the product see the intricate packaging details. Yes, packaging influences the customer’s mind, and they resonate with what you want to convey. One of the most creative features that the packaging industry has launched is custom triangle boxes for product packaging. You can pack your products intricately and impart an effective presentation touch to your customers.

The better you will incorporate, the more you will be proficient in presenting a bold profile. Moreover, these boxes are quite adaptable to handy customizations that will add more charm to the overall look. Whether it be of shape, size, or style, you can go for all the modifications smoothly. Let’s get started with exploring all the things in an organized manner. Here we go!

Concept of the Triangle Box

This type of box has a specific shape that is a triangle, and it is the most creative one introduced in the market. A triangle box is die-cut and glued together to impart the desired shape so that products should be packed in an organized way. They are used to pack a variety of items such as jewelry, cosmetics, candy, pastry, patties, and gift items. They are made from durable material and that is none other than cardboard, because it is the most sturdy of all and secures shipping the items over longer distances.

Samples You Can Make

If you are confused about the styling, then you must step ahead in making some samples that will readily help you and give you a better direction to choose between the designed samples. To ensure that your packaging is extremely well-versed with the requirements, you must design some prototypes, which could be of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some of the common styles that will not blink your customers’ eyes and that they readily get attracted to are:

  • 2D sample
  • Physical sample
  • 3D sample

Points You Must Consider

While designing or choosing for triangle shaped boxes you should note some points that will help you so far. Let’s discuss all the mentioned points in a bit of detail. Here you go!

  1. Consider the Product in Mind

Is your product delicate or fragile? Does your product withstand temperature changes? Consider all these key specifications about your product in mind and then go for a box that will maintain the decorum of all the aspects. Always keep your product in mind and then take the next step to begin on the packaging details.

  1. Quality Material and Perfect Size

For designing a triangle cardboard box, that will protect all your items in one place, you should choose the sturdy and durable material that will speak best about the quality that you hold. There are a lot of different materials, such as corrugated, rigid, Kraft, and cardstock materials, that provide immense protection to the encased items. More specifically, you can choose the size of your box according to your product size and dimensions 

  1. Printing Techniques

There are various advanced printing techniques that you can use on your boxes to impart a classy touch. You can choose good techniques to imprint high-resolution images on the boxes as well as using CMYK or PMS color models that will project a vibrant band of colors on the triangular boxes. One of the most main yet advanced techniques is mentioned below:

  • Flexographic printing
  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing 
  1. Several Add-Ons

Add-ons are beautiful decorations that can be implemented onto the customized pie packaging so you can impart a more classy and luxurious appearance to the box. You can use these decorations to emphasize the specific area on the box using all the options, such as:

  • Hot stamping
  • Spot UV treatment
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Window patching
  1. Finishing Coatings

Furthermore, if you want to enhance the look and appearance of the box to be more classy and mesmerizing, then you can easily hover to special finishing options that will make the design and customization more pleasing. Some of the most common finishing options that you can use to make your box more compelling. Let’s see what are these options:

  • Matte finish
  • Gloss finish
  • Soft-touch finish
  • Varnish finish

Closing the Discussion!

Regarding size, durability, affordability, and versatility, custom triangle boxes are amazing and the perfect fit for your products. Whether the purpose of using box packaging is to enhance the retail shelves or to target the audience, all can be covered by boxes. If you customize the boxes as per your branding preferences, then it will entice the consumers readily.

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