Unlocking Success: The Power of Custom Web Design Over Templates

Imagine a car is parked in your living room.

The car fits inside the room easily but it will feel out of place, why?

Because cars have a housing space customized for their placement: garages.

Working by this example, it is clear that just because something seems the right fit, does not make it the optimal choice; other factors need to be considered.

If you were to replace the living room with a brand website, there would be a similar discussion.

Many businesses opt for pre-made templates during website design; they justify this decision by citing lower cost and fast delivery.

Although the template fits on the website, it presents the same issue as the car: it feels out of place.

For a better look, the living room needs furniture that adds meaning to the space, just like custom website design services that complement a brand website.

When it comes to custom website design services, many raise the argument of higher cost and time duration; in such an argument, people forget the various benefits that time and resources produce.

This article discusses the topic further, and aims to elaborate on why custom website design is better than using templates:

  1. Unique Branding

In a digital landscape, the effectiveness of brand marketing comes down to its capability to captivate and convince.

Although branding is a small part of marketing the brand, it is crucial as it forms the first impression of the company.

Whenever you visit a brand website, the first things that are visually evident are the colors, typography, logos, etc.; As visual information resonates better than written data, these features become what the customers remember about the brand once they log off the site.

If these features are the creation of custom website design services, their look and feel will be personalized to complement and represent the brand adequately.

Customization adds personalization and uniqueness to website branding, which leaves a promising and memorable impression on the audience.

If you were to use a template for the same purpose, there is little room for change in the design, so it cannot fully adapt to suit and portray the brand.

Not on this but pre-made templates often have a generic design so they are usable for a larger audience; using a template makes you resemble every other brand in the market, there is nothing unique or special about your brand to positively impact people.

  1. Tailored to Specific Needs

When you talk about brand websites, it is important to remember there are thousands of different businesses and products.

Visit the websites of a clothing brand and an electronic device company; their platforms look extremely different.

A brand website’s appearance depends on the needs and services of the company; according to these features, the design changes.

If a business uses templates, they need to creatively limit what the pre-made design offers and structure the site accordingly; this can cause brands to compromise and let go of categories/content that doesn’t fit.

Working with custom website design services is quite different.

Due to customization, you can have a website design that holds all your desired categories; rather than forcing content into a design, the site design is structured around the content.

Through customization, the design fulfills your requirements; it’s like getting a suit tailored with as many pockets as you want.

  1. Optimized for User Experience

To see how great a brand website is, all you need to look for is the ease and flexibility with which users can navigate the platform.

Above everything, businesses need to ensure their target users do not struggle or face difficulty understanding and navigating their website layout.

As mentioned before, templates have a generic design to be usable for a larger audience; when used on your website, the template cannot cater to the specific requirements of users as its design is based on popular user patterns.

Most pre-made designs aren’t optimized for performance, which means the template slows down the site and could result in frequent glitches and loading problems.

If your website has slow performance, it will further sour the user experience.

Customization is the key to effectively meeting all users’ needs while considering their behavior patterns and challenges.

  1. Scalability and Flexibility

Time changes things; as your company evolves, you’d want the brand website to exhibit this growth.

Using templates is limiting in many ways, but mostly because it cannot be changed or updated.

If the brand website needs to change or update, having a template design might make this difficult.

As templates are owned by the designer providing, your brand cannot have ownership of the design; there are legal restrictions to the number of changes you can make.

The limited control also holds back brands from making the website mobile responsive as they cannot scale the platform design enough for proper use on phones.

With custom website design, the brand has full control; they can change, add, remove, or update any section or content according to changing requirements.

Most importantly, a custom design has great interface design and responsiveness across multiple devices due to optimized performance.

  1. Support and Maintenance

Jewelry needs maintenance to protect its look and longevity. Similar to this, brand websites need maintenance to have good performance and functionality.

Existing templates can have unfamiliar coding and components; maintaining such a website comes with the risk of causing more damage because little is known about the design process.

As compared to this, a customized website has a code the brand is familiar with; according to the knowledge, the business can appoint the right developers to carry out maintenance; the process is also faster than one with template designs.

A company can easily have platform security strengthened during maintenance if there is a custom design.

To Conclude

The mentioned points highlight that custom website design costs more than templates because it offers a greater payoff than the latter.

Although the initial investment is higher, it results in a long-lasting and durable website.

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