Creating a Wikipedia Page: DIY vs. Professional Services

“What is the next big step?”

The million-dollar question hangs over the head of every brand or business while planning strategy.

The digital age has made businesses spend more time on branding than ever before; the ever-changing landscape of the internet requires brands to adapt accordingly.

Under such a situation, a business would feel they’re running out of ideas when they’ve already made a compelling website, catchy marketing campaigns, and an active social media presence.

As the number of ideas decreases, a perfect solution emerges – creating a Wikipedia page!

Wikipedia is a world-renowned information platform known for making knowledge easily accessible.

The site has a big reputation, which crowns any topic on the platform with significance.

If a business wants to make its accomplishments and efforts more evident, creating a wikipedia page for its organization is the way to go.

However, any research on this task will reveal that multiple organizations opt for wikipedia page creation services to manage the task:

It leads to questioning whether a company should make the page alone or hire a creation service.

This article provides the pros and cons of either choice to help decide which option is better:

Creating a Wikipedia Page Yourself:


  • Control and Direct Involvement:

When you work on a wikipedia page without external involvement, you do not share authority over the task with someone else.

Therefore, working alone grants organizations freedom over the process’s direction.

With this control, organizations can prioritize and exclude specific details on a page.

  • Cost Savings:

Handling this task alone relieves organizations because they do not need to allocate a budget for hiring a service.

Appointing professional Wikipedia page creation services can prove costly, and it isn’t ideal for companies with limited resources.

Working alone, an organization completes the task of making a page and saving money simultaneously.

  • Personal Learning Experience:

Basic research on page creation reveals that the task requires an understanding of wikipedia guidelines.

If an organization is handling its page alone, it gives it a learning opportunity to familiarize itself with the rules and regulations of the website.

As wikipedia’s guidelines add to the platform’s security, authenticity, and credibility, learning about these rules can help businesses apply similar strategies to their online platforms.

Therefore, brands can create a better online presence by learning from a case study of wikipedia.


  • Complex Guidelines:

An organization may confuse wikipedia guidelines with a few sets of rules, but the reality is quite different.

Wikipedia guidelines are some of the most extensive documents regarding rules.

The guidelines are divided into subsections, which list hundreds of rules in each section.

Some aspects, such as verification and citing, provide detailed criteria for what classifies as an acceptable information source.

Therefore, understanding and implementing these principles is difficult.

  • Time-Consuming:

A wikipedia page project cannot have fixed deadlines as many steps depend on external sources.

Therefore, the process can prove quite time-consuming.

The steps to making a page are lengthy; you must understand guidelines, conduct extensive research, compile and structure content, and cite resources correctly.

After all this, the draft is submitted to wikipedia editors, who take time to check.

  • Risk of Rejection

A response from wikipedia editors isn’t always positive.

Lack of clarity about guidelines leads to a draft that gets rejected and delays the project.

More importantly, an entire page could get dismissed or deleted if it doesn’t adhere to guidelines, which are difficult to understand without expert assistance.

Hiring Professional Wikipedia Page Creation Services:


  • Expertise:

All wikipedia page creation services have experience working on the website and handling several page creation projects.

These professionals are knowledgeable and skilled in handling the task with ease.

Most importantly, such a service is well-versed in wikipedia guidelines, which decreases the probability of page rejection.

  • Higher Success Rate:

The use of a creation service increases the chance of faster page approval.

As their team knows how to navigate past difficult guidelines or platform restrictions, they can align the page to rules while maintaining all content.

Therefore, the draft fulfills all the requirements of wikipedia editors and perfectly showcases the brand’s capabilities simultaneously.

  • Time Efficiency:

With a professional team, there are fewer project setbacks.

The fewer the setbacks, the more time a company saves on the project.

When a service assists companies in page creation, the former handles all research, content creation, citations, and structuring.

The service handling tasks save an organization’s valuable time, which they can invest towards other urgent projects or tasks.


  • Cost:

A good page creation service can prove costly.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the cost can vary.

However, services require monetary compensation for their work and time; the cost can increase if there is a need for additional revisions or customizations.

Businesses with limited resources may need to sacrifice other expenses to afford page creation services.

  • Less Personal Control:

Hiring a professional service creates a relationship of reliance.

A business has less control over the project, as the professionals lead them through the process and make multiple decisions.

Having expertise gives the service an upper hand in this scenario, which could be used to dissolve any point raised by the company.

A business may want to highlight certain details, but a page creation service could deem it unnecessary and not include that feedback.

  • Not Guaranteed Approval:

Although a page creation service increases the chances of approval, it does not guarantee this outcome.

The expertise ensures fewer errors on the page, but then again, such services aren’t perfect; they are as prone to making mistakes as anyone else.


Judging from the provided comparison, making a page yourself saves resources but leaves room for rejections, errors, and page deletion.

On the other hand, hiring a service can exhaust resources but save time and increase the chances of having an error-free, approved page.

Therefore, choosing a professional service seems better as it has more long-term benefits. Most importantly, a company can always find a price package that fits their budget!

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