Tips for Safe, Smart, and Energy-Efficient Lighting at Home to Brighten Your Holidays


Summary: Are you planning to illuminate your house to revive the festive spirit? Here is how to light up your house during the holidays. 

As the holiday season approaches, you are up and running shopping for gifts and festive decorations for your newly-built home. After all, there is no better way to brighten your holidays than illuminating the house. But the latest aspect that enhances the holiday spirit is integrating holiday lights into the home decor. The only reason to use LED lights is their energy efficiency. 

Whether you prefer a few strands of twinkling lights or spectacular lighting to create a festive feel, the key aspect is to make your house energy-efficient. So, if you have just built your new home in Kelowna and wondering how to keep the energy bills low, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind. Here is how to brighten the festive season by using safe and energy-efficient lighting. 

How to use Smart, and Energy-Efficient lighting in new homes for sale in Kelowna?

The holiday spirit starts kicking the moment you come across twinkling lights at different homes. It is that time of the year when the magic of the holiday season shines all the way. No matter what your plans are to turn the Christmas tree into a visual wonder or illuminate the entire house, do not give up on energy efficiency. Here are some valuable tips for choosing the best holiday lights to brighten new homes for sale in Kelowna.

Plan Your Lighting Theme 

When shopping for lights, discuss with Kelowna home builders how they are planning to create a theme and design for your custom or semi-custom home. That way, you can pick lights based on the architectural style of your house. So, if your house has a traditional style, you need to choose a specific set of LED lights to incorporate versatility as well as energy efficiency. The key to choosing lights based on your theme is to measure the area appropriately as you where you should use them. Make sure the lights can be used flexibly indoors, on the Christmas tree, and for the outdoors. For energy efficiency in your newly built house, you can choose the following lights:

  1. LED lights are an excellent choice for the Christmas tree as they make the space brighter than any other option and last about ten times longer. These lights help save up to 80% of energy and keep the space cooler than any other option, reducing the chances of fire.
  2. The smart strips of lights offer better control when lights and decorations are being used in full swing and eliminate energy loss. 
  3. With programmable timers, you will have better control over the amount of time for which the holiday displays are put on each day.
  4. Using more reflective elements like mirrors, tinsel, and shiny ornaments amplifies the effect of lights. So, you can use fewer lights and still make the holiday decorations attractive. 

Create a Cosy Ambience With Candles

While LED lights create magic during festive decorations, you can also look forward to using flickering candles across larger spaces for your homes. Does your new home have spaces where you can light candles? Communicate with custom home builders to customise the space to allow you to create illuminating pathways. Apart from the house, candles can also be used to brighten up spaces from ground level like basements. 

Think About Safety 

Safety is one of the most important options when brightening up the outdoor space during the festive season. When it comes to decorating your outdoor spaces with festive lighting, you may need to extend your strings of lights or use extension cords to achieve the desired look. However, each time you join two strings or cords, you inadvertently create a point of vulnerability where moisture can potentially seep in and compromise your holiday display. 

To safeguard these connections and keep your lighting setup secure and hassle-free, consider investing in reusable connection covers. These protective covers are a smart and cost-effective solution for maintaining the integrity of your outdoor lighting, ensuring a safe and dazzling holiday season. No wonder Kelowna’s luxury home builders often add it to new projects.  

Use a Projector Display 

When looking for an energy-efficient light to illuminate the indoor spaces, stick to a projector display. Use a laser light projector for a desirable outcome. Moreover, waterproof projectors come with a variety of features and settings, making it easy enough to decorate a large space. 

Is your new home ready to move? Are small customisations still left to make it festive-ready?  Discuss with a building contractor in Kelowna to learn how to make the home design appropriate for the festivities and use the best and most creative lighting tips to make your home shine throughout the holidays. 

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