E-Commerce and Augmented Reality: Elevating the Shopping Experience

One of the biggest challenges of online shopping is that it fails to create the magic and the ambiance that a brick-and-mortar store does. Compared to the sensory experience that physical stores offer, the online store fails to go up to that level. While e-commerce is striving to keep up with the competition, Augmented Reality applications have come as saviors to give customers more information about products and services. 

E-commerce and AR

E-commerce presents several opportunities with AR. Although a majority of people have gotten used to the concept of online shopping, they still need a little more guidance as it can act as a barrier to buying and selling products. AR is gradually taking off in online retail. Based on a survey, over 25% of online store owners are expected to invest in AR or VR. So, here are the reasons why E-commerce store owners are ready to take on the benefits of Augmented Reality.

  • Enhance conversion and sales 

Several e-commerce storeowners are conceiving plans to enhance conversion and sales during custom Shopify development and AR helps in achieving success. It’s proven now that AR can help in enhancing sales by about 250%. Wondering why? Customers can pick on any object, move it around the existing location, or try wearing clothes. Based on reports, customers using AR end up spending 3X more on the shopping app and tend to buy 10X more often. 

  • Reduces the opportunity for returns

If you are planning to launch your Shopify store, go ahead and connect with a web development outsourcing company. But you simply won’t stop there. It is not just about selling products online but the returns that keep you on your toes. The primary reasons behind frequent returns are misfit products or unmatched colors. That is when you start thinking about Augmented Reality and how it motivates the decision-making of customers. 

Generally, customers feel more satisfied when they envisage how the product is likely to appear. So, giving them a similar experience reduces the chances of returns. Your Shopify store will experience a drop in return with AR implementation. Apart from this, AR may also impact customers’ buying decisions when they purchase from a category for the first time. People are more likely to rely on AR to experiment and test the product while aiming to reduce buyers’ frustration. 

  • Attracting new customers 

You may hire the best Shopify e-commerce development company. However, developing a website does not guarantee that your experience is going to be as unique as when buying goods and services. With AR-based applications, you can attract customers to create a unique experience, and move past the geographical barriers. 

  • Making your brand more recognizable

Reports and surveys demonstrate double engagement for businesses using AR-based apps compared to those who don’t. Therefore, AR generates the highest customer response and helps customers remember your brand. If the customers remember your brand, they are more likely to return as repeat customers. Talk to Shopify website development services about designing a website that is compliant with AR integration.

  • Enhances the efficiency of employees and customer experience 

One of the most noteworthy benefits of AR is that it creates a unique digital experience that combines the best components of the physical and digital worlds. Moreover, AR adds innovation to your production and enhances the efficiency of your employees. From indoor navigation, barcode scanning, warehouse management, and data integration, AR packs it up all and helps the employees. 

How E-commerce stores are using AR?

Be it a piece of clothing or home furnishings, everything looks good and appealing in physical stores. Shoppers must know how good or bad the experience is going to be and prefer staying safe. But that wouldn’t be a deterrent for e-commerce store owners when it comes to increasing sales. AR applications help shoppers understand the products in-depth and help in decision-making. 

One of the biggest challenges of online e-commerce stores is the challenge of representing a three-dimensional product in a two-dimensional environment. AR helps in bridging the gap between physical and online shopping. That way, e-commerce store owners can represent their merchandise more simply. AR is interactive, making it easy for customers to stay hooked to the site. Even if the customers do not make purchases instantly during a visit to the website, they are more likely to remember the brand in the future.

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