WhatsApp Call Recording Tool as Safety Assurance and Performance Enhancer

WhatsApp doesn’t offer call recording usually because they have a privacy policy that doesn’t allow it to do so. We can only record calls with the spy apps that are third-party apps. Being able to record calls of other people is an illegal act. But there are some legal versions and purposes. It can be done to keep eye on your kids and know to whom they are talking and spy on your employee to check out his work productivity. Plus, are you tired of listening only to one-sided things and not sure that your kid or employee is telling you the truth or lying? Well, OgyMogy WhatsApp call recording software is the ultimate solution to all your concerns related to your kid and employee. Let’s get deep into the amazing features and see how this app work.

Record Calls Silently

Record all calls of the targeted device silently without letting the user know. Of course, no one likes their privacy to be exposed but it is necessary if it’s the matter of a kid who trusts everyone or an employee who is affecting the reputation of a company negatively. So, to remain vigilant all the time this app is a must-have.

Capture Any Type of Phone Call

Get any type of phone call recorded whether incoming or outgoing by this amazingly fabulous WhatsApp call recording app. Whenever your kid will receive or make any call you can immediately see who that person is. It is important to observe that your child is in a relationship with the right person.

Get Reminder Notifications of Calls

You can get proper reminders and be notified about a certain call if you do the settings on this app. This way you will be able to see and filter the problematic phone calls and can block them if necessary. At a workplace, you can catch a disloyal employee.

Check the Length of Each Call

Check the call duration of each call on the targeted device and see how long it goes. Check the proper timings of all the calls and take notice if anything seems fishy with this app.

Download the Call Recordings in Your Phone Storage

Not only you can listen to all the calls and record them but also store them in your storage media as long as you want. Now if it’s your kid’s activities bothering you or a disloyal employee, you can download all of their calls.

Listen to the Deleted Calls

Kids are really smart today and they leave no proof. The same goes for efficient employees who mostly get successful in deceiving their bosses. But now it’s almost impossible to be disloyal at your workplace because you as a boss can recover even the deleted calls and listen to them.

Record Selected Calls

If you don’t want to record all the calls, it is ok. Because this amazing WhatsApp call recording app allows you to sort the calls you want to record. So, from now on there will be no mess, and only selected calls will get recorded.

Stealth Mode

This is the best mode ever. You can record whatever you want from the targeted device without even letting that person know. So, isn’t it amazing that your employee is dodging you thinking that he can do anything freely in work timings and you are noticing each move? All this can be done with this amazing WhatsApp spy app.  

Business Protection

You want to protect your business from some inefficient employees because you are going downwards for a long time. This wonderful app is here to provide you with the details about all the calls on this social platform and let you know who is worthy of doing a job in your company and who is not.

Protect Your Little Darlings

The purpose of recording is not to let anyone down rather it’s need-based. So many frauds are going on different social media platforms and we need to protect our kids at any cost without letting them feel that we are invading their privacy. This app gives you the online protection of your kid.

So, download this outstanding WhatsApp call recording app and keep your eyes on your kid’s and employees’ activities.

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