Salesforce Pardot: Understanding its Core Features

Marketing, the cornerstone of attracting buyers to your business, is a journey that demands more than just routine efforts. It calls for strategic approaches to build a strong brand presence, a dash of creativity, and a vigilant eye on data and insights.

Now, imagine a multi-tasking intelligent tool that automates these tasks, liberating you to focus on what truly matters – growth.

Pardot in Salesforce is the secret weapon you need to aim high in your B2B marketing efforts. Within Salesforce’s capabilities and intelligence, Pardot empowers marketers to streamline operations and drive revenue to new heights year after year.

But what, you may wonder, is what is Salesforce Pardot? What extraordinary features lie within its arsenal? 

This blog is your gateway to explore the full potential of Salesforce Pardot, revealing how its core capabilities can revolutionize your business. 

What is Salesforce Pardot?

Renamed Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Salesforce Pardot is a B2B marketing platform that helps companies create and automate their marketing efforts like target marketing, market segmentation, running marketing campaigns, keeping track of a visitor’s behavior on the website, and scoring and managing leads. 

Pardot helps in the identification and nurturing of leads, which further guides the marketers to direct their efforts toward convertible prospects that have a high probability of closure. 

Pardot Salesforce operates in the cloud, so anyone with internet access can use it from anywhere. This flexibility allows businesses to oversee their marketing and sales efforts regardless of their location.

With Salesforce Pardot features, businesses can create, manage, and evaluate sophisticated marketing campaigns. It offers an array of features and tools that enable organizations to monitor customer interactions, swiftly create automated campaigns, and deepen their understanding of their customer base.

Pardot Salesforce empowers businesses to tailor campaigns specifically to their target audience. This involves crafting personalized emails, designing captivating landing pages, and producing other marketing materials aimed at attracting and engaging customers.

What does it offer in all? 

Core Salesforce Pardot Features

Here are the core Salesforce Pardot features to provide you with a better understanding and tell how each one of them would help you in polishing your marketing approaches: 

Understanding Customer Journeys across channels 

Understanding customers’ behavior and habits across different interaction channels is the one practice that will lead you to successful marketing efforts. This understanding promotes improvement in return on investment and loyal customers. As interesting as it seems, as challenging it is. Gathering customer data & insights across different channels can be messy and not everyone’s favorite job. 

Pardot offers a comprehensive view of customer journeys across various channels. By providing a holistic view, marketers get a better grasp and use this valuable data. Pardot also goes beyond just data visualization; it actively engages customers with relevant content, boosting engagement and ultimately helping businesses win more customers.

Leads Generation & Management

The main purpose of marketing is to find more potential buyers, known as leads, approach them, and convert them. Pardot has got a tool for this task, which is Lead Generation and Management. Whether it’s creating visually appealing landing pages, user-friendly forms, or well-thought-out campaigns, Pardot makes it easy. 

What’s more, these landing pages and forms are not just pretty to look at; they are smart. They automatically capture leads and let you know when they are interested, ensuring that no potential customer slips through the cracks. Additionally, it offers lead grading and scoring, helping you prioritize leads based on their potential.

Integrated Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a potent tool for businesses of all sizes to communicate with their customers. Pardot takes email marketing to the next level by providing deep insights into prospect activities and interactions. Armed with this information, marketers can create highly personalized email campaigns that resonate with their audience. Pardot offers an intuitive email editor to craft visually appealing emails that grab recipients’ attention. 

To ensure your emails reach the right inbox and connect with your audience, A/B testing is available. Moreover, Pardot’s email automation capabilities let you schedule email delivery based on various parameters like time and prospect activity, saving time and effort.

Measuring Success Through Reporting

Every investment a business makes, including marketing campaigns, should ideally deliver maximum value. Return on Investment (ROI) is a powerful metric to measure the effectiveness of these investments. Pardot Salesforce takes your marketing efforts and connects them to ROI through predictive analytics, which is part of the B2B Marketing Analytics Plus solution.

Marketing professionals can dive deep into campaign performance across different channels. This means you can see exactly where your marketing dollars are working hardest and where improvements are needed.

Social Media Marketing 

Social media is a continuously expanding marketing platform. Pardot understands this evolution and smoothly connects with widely-used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This integration offers businesses valuable insights into their target audience’s behaviors and preferences.

By using Pardot’s integration, you can discover which platforms your audience uses most often, the content they like, and when they are most active online. With this knowledge, marketing experts can craft customized campaigns that effectively capture and engage customers.

Furthermore, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement streamlines social media marketing activities, freeing up marketers to focus on strategic tasks.

Seamless Collaboration 

Marketing and sales teams often share a common goal of increasing revenue and business growth. However, misalignment between these two teams is a common issue in many organizations. Pardot Salesforce bridges this gap with collaboration tools that facilitate communication and cooperation between marketing and sales. 

From generating leads to winning them, Pardot enables a unified sales process by bringing marketing and sales teams together. This unified approach not only improves communication but also ensures that all necessary information is readily available, leading to increased productivity.

Account Based Marketing

Sometimes, certain customers deserve special attention. This is where account-based marketing (ABM) comes in. ABM is a strategy that involves creating customized marketing campaigns tailored to individual clients. It’s an efficient approach for B2B companies looking to attract high-value customers. 

Pardot Salesforce is equipped with an Engagement Studio that simplifies the implementation of account-based marketing. Engagement Studio provides control over who gets your email, what sort of content will get delivered to them, and the gap between these interactions. This kind of personalization is something that will keep poking the attention of the customers and make them want to connect with your brand.

Create Magic with Pardot Einstein AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly in the form of Pardot’s Einstein AI, brings automation, integration, and speed to B2B marketing. Einstein AI predicts customer journeys, segments audiences intelligently, and allows for programmatic advertising that responds in real time to audience needs. It achieves this by analyzing Pardot’s marketing automation data and making predictions to assist marketing and sales teams. 

One of its notable features is lead scoring, which helps sales teams prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert. Moreover, AI generates behavior scores, providing marketers and salespeople with insights into the moment a prospect is ready to make a purchase. 

Key Takeaway

Significant utilization of intelligent tools like Salesforce Pardot calls for experts who can implement it seamlessly, considering all the constraints you have in your marketing approaches. 

For a smooth Pardot setup, reach out to a certified Salesforce implementation consultant to handle all development and deployment tasks. Cyntexa is a renowned name for integrating Pardot into business operations. Contact their team of Salesforce Pardot consultants to harness the powerful features of marketing cloud account engagement.

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