How to order food online on Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti Express in 5 simple steps

One of the well-known Indian trains, the Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Express, travels between Old Delhi Junction and Kathgodam. The train travels 277 km overall at an average speed of 41 km/h, leaving the source station on time and arriving at the destination station on time. There have been 10 delays on the 15035/Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Express. Old Delhi Junction (DLI), Moradabad Junction (MB), Amroha (AMRO), and Ghaziabad Junction (GZB), Bilaspur Road (BLQR), Rampur Junction (RMU),RUPC, Rudrapur City, Lal Kuan Junction (LKU),Haldwani (HDW) or Kathgodam (KGM). At any of these rest stops, you can easily order food in the Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Express.

In this blog, we’ll go over the five easy steps for placing a Railway Food Order Online while riding the train.

How to Use the Zoop Website to Order Food on Trains

  • Visit the Zoop IRCTC e-Catering partner website.
  • Entering the PNR number is Option. 
  • By inputting the train’s name or number and selecting the boarding date.
  • Place an order and specify which boarding station you want your food delivered from.
  • For breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a small appetite, add food items to your cart from the menus of various restaurants.
  • Apply the coupons from the list of foods offered in trains, don’t forget to do so.
  • Decide whether to pay online or with COD (cash on delivery).
  • A confirmation message for your order will be sent to you via SMS and email.
  • Your food order will be delivered to your preferred station by the delivery person. 

How to Order Food on the Train Using the Zoop App

  • From the Apple Store or Google Play Store, download and install the Zoop app.
  • You can either enter the PNR number or Railway Food Order Online using the train name, number, and boarding date.
  • Decide where you want your ordered food to be delivered.
  • From the menu, pick the dishes you want to eat.
  • Then select either COD or online payment from the available options.
  • You’ll receive an SMS confirming the food you’ve ordered. In the app, you can keep track of the food you’ve ordered.
  • To your train seat at the selected station, the delivery boy will bring your ordered meal.
  • How to Order a Train Meal Using the Zoop Toll-Free Number.
  • You can call by dialing  +91-8010802222.
  • Tell our call picker what you want in your meal to place your order by communicating with our team.
  • Once confirmed, you can check the Zoop app or website to see how the food is progressing.
  • The delivery boy will then bring your food order to your seat.
  • The delivery agent accepts cash payments.

Simply adhere to these instructions to place a WhatsApp food order

  • Compared to other methods of ordering Railway Food Order Online while traveling, the new WhatsApp feature to Order Food in Train is much faster. Travelers can now eat the foods they love thanks to WhatsApp.
  • The traveler must text the designated number.
  • Then, in its place, you’ll receive a reply. Next, place a food order.
  • A prompt asking you to select the train station where you want your food delivered will now appear.
  • Picking a restaurant from the list is the next step.
  • The next step is to select your favorite Jian dish.
  • You will then be given a selection for how to make a payment.
  • You can use WhatsApp to make food orders while traveling.
  • Several fresh foods that are served in the train can be ordered using WhatsApp.

You can also order food through Sms as well 

When traveling, you might not have reliable internet access. As a result, neither the website nor the bu app allow you to make a purchase. You have options at your disposal. Additionally, SMS is a viable option for placing online train food orders.

Another simple method of ordering eCatering food online using SMS is this one. You must text the phone number provided on the website. Both the PNR and train numbers must be included in the SMS. You will then receive a confirmation message from the other party. Please hold off on placing your order until the boarding station arrives.

Different food options that you can order in the Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Express

You can order a wide range of foods, including diabetic, Jain, light snacks, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Punjabi, south Indian, Gujarati, and other healthy cuisines. There are also many other cuisines accessible, including continental, Spanish, and Italian. Travelers can savor the regional cuisine as they transition from one state to another. Travelers can order food in addition to tea or coffee.

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